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the first call is by another technician. don't mind his atrocious spelling, he got reamed by this jerk of a customer too, i feel for him.

the call i took is in the second lj-cut. note the eerily similar pattern the two calls have. almost like this guy gets his rocks off on abusing technicians. sad, really.

i should add that he is the first person i have said that i would hang up on for abuse, ever; he was by far the worst customer i have ever had. just why do i put up with this shit?

(initial call):
-----Sun Jun 13 14:20:57 2004..EUS078291-----
Lines in the screen
Lines in the vidio
-----Sun Jun 13 14:23:05 2004..EUS078291-----
I offered the box for $44
He stated that there was no "Damed way he was going to pay $44"
I let him know it was only an option and he could send it him self.
He told he he would send it without insureance.
-----Sun Jun 13 14:25:04 2004..EUS078291-----
I let him know that he would be responcable for any damage during shipping.
I suggested he insure the system
He became abusive and told me that Gateway would be resopncable for any damage.
I asked him to keep the call profesional
-----Sun Jun 13 14:26:03 2004..EUS078291-----
He demanded a supervisor
There are none at my location
I informed him of that and asked if he would like to to setup the service
He did not want me to setup the service
-----Sun Jun 13 14:26:55 2004..EUS078291-----
The wanted to write a letter about me and asked for the addess
Gave address and Badge numbe
Also gave corect spelling of my name.
-----Sun Jun 13 14:29:08 2004..EUS078291-----
At that pointr he asked again for a suppervisor
When I told him I could still setup the service and that I could not provide a supporvisor he wanted to speak with another tech.
I let him know I could not Trans to another tech.
-----Sun Jun 13 14:30:20 2004..EUS078291-----
When I told him I would be ending the call as it was no longer productive.
He told me
"To go fduck my mother" and that I was "a no good fucking skum"
I ended the call.

(second call, new activity, created by yours truly):
c- called in again for service, did not want to pay charges.

a- after i informed him that that was his option, or be responsible for
insurance and shipping and packing, he AGAIN became abusive (see parent sr
for more gory details). he didn't want to pay, said he was going to write
a letter to 610 GW drive detailing all of his "poor service" (actually, he
should write about his own bad attitude).

after i explained that he could do that but that those were his two options
for service, he called me an asshole. i warned him that if he continued
verbal abuse that i could and would hang up (as per gateway policy). this angered him and he told
me the following: "stick your dick in your mother's mouth, you asshole".
i considered asking him if he kissed his mother with his mouth, but thought
the better of it.

r- he hung up on me, anyhow.

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edit: oh it gets BETTER. he called in FIVE MORE TIMES after he called me.
edit: because i am paranoid, i removed the customer's contact info from the post.

(third call)
A: Customer wants to send system in for service. I asked him what address
he wanted to have this shipped back to. He continually interrupted me and
was extremely vulgar. He would not let me give him the address to ship the
system in to. When I started to give him the address he kept interrupting
and was verbally abusive. I asked him multiple times to refrain from
vulgarity and from verbal abuse. He continued to persist so I told him I
would have to disconnect if he continued. Kept at it so I disconnected the
R: Disconnected customer for being verbally abusive. Asked him multiple
times to refrain from vulgarity and verbal abuse
C: Needs to send system in for service

(fourth call)
A: attempted to setup the laptop for service and the cu hung up

R: cu hung up


(fifth call)
A: cust not very nice, released him.
R: released cust
C: I'm a person

(sixth call)
A:Attemped to set up the service request cus was not very nice and had
used some valger languge, told CU that I was setting up his laptop for
service said he just wanted the address to send andwanted now, told cu
that if he didn't calm down I would disconnect the call, cu started
getting more vulger warned him once more, disconnect call
R:Disconnect call, CU being Vulger
C:wants service on laptop

(seventh call)
verified return addy
warned of insurance
gave address
setup service in warrany
cust disconnected after telling me that he will never buy another
Gateway computer again in his life
setup service and gave address to service depot
cust disconnected after verifying that he didn't have to be on the
phone any longer
cust very rude and smug with me but I finished the service details
and took his verbal abuse to save the abuse he would have given to
the next tech that dealt with him - gave SR for reference
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