Reverend Stephen Booth (stephenbooth_uk) wrote in helpdeskstories,
Reverend Stephen Booth

View from the other side

I'm considering writing to Scott Adams (author of "Dilbert") something about what happened to me today. I needed to raise a support call with Sun, so I called Sun. I gave them the serial number of the box and they looked up the support contract. Then they said that as the contract had been bought through SCC I'd have to raise the call through them then it would get passed to Sun. So I call SCC. SCC take my details then say that they can't act on the call unless it comes via our helpdesk. So I call our helpdesk who tell me to put it into an email and then they'll raise the call.

So I've had to write an email detailing the situation that our helpdesk will copy and paste into our helpdesk system and into an email to SCC who will then copy and paste the text into their helpdesk system and an email to Sun who will then copy and paste the text into their helpdesk system and phone me.

The purpose of the call? I need to download a package (SNMP agent installation package) and it seems to be missing from the web site so I need help finding it (often packages ont eh Sun web site are availabe to download but aren't linked so you need someone who knows the URL to give it to you so you can download it). I've actually called Sun twice today, the first time I was put through to pre-sales who told me to to hang up, call back and raise a support call.

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