Paul (elcapitane) wrote in helpdeskstories,

My brain hurts...

As a couple of you might know, there is this guy in my department *coughGarycough*, whose sole job seems to be making others lives miserable. In the past week alone, he has gone over the heads of his direct boss, our service chief, and the director of Medical Administration to try and get computers to automatically sign on to the system, and have the rights to access every patient in the database. The computers are (1) in a public, very easily accessible place. (2) chock full of confidential patient data. Even when everyone told him no, he kept neeping about wanting to do it.

Then there was the comment he made a few minutes ago. In the hospital, we have to grant access on a one-by-one basis for people to be able to visit web pages, and their supervisor has to sign off on it. A supervisor from Pathology gave us a list of some new night shift people who need to do medical research online, and *coughGarycough* commented they should go to the Hospital library if they needed to do research. The library is run only unto 4 PM in the day, after which is locked up tight, and all the computers in there are rigged to go to a single web page only, to say nothing about going to Google, WebMD, or going to medical journals or any other research. In addition, because the place is locked up, a police officer would have to come up, unlock the library, and stay with them the entire time they're there, since a lot of the books and equipment in there run several hundred bucks a piece. I replied, stating things to that effect, and also how it wasts the night shift people's time since they've gotta go down several floors and wait for the officer to come, which only ends up wasting everyone's time.

He makes my whole brain hurt, I swear!
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