Valis Keogh (valiskeogh) wrote in helpdeskstories,
Valis Keogh

Need your help peeps, or "would you like to participate?"

Hey guys, finally got around to doing what i've been SAYING i would do for a long long time.

HELP DESK HELL has been created, and is slowly filling with content as i write stuff, and edit some of my own recorded phone calls

Forums have just now been created, there is a page with several of my own phone calls, and creating more pages as we speak.

What i'd LOVE from you guys is either submitted stories, just like the ones you put on here which are always fabulous, or permission to use your lj entries (without your name of course or any identifying information) on the "luser stories" page. ALSO if you have the capability to record some of your phone calls, that would be GOLD. you can email the raw call to me and i'll edit out any identifying information myself (email addy's, names, isp or company names, passwords, etc) or you can edit those out and then email them to me. whichever floats your boat.

ALSO, if you have any resources you use consistently, you can email those to me and i'll incluse them on the "tech resources" page.

also feel free to join the forums and listen to the calls i have on there so far.

AND WOULD IT KILL YOU TO CLICK ON ONE OF THOSE GOOGLE AD LINKS??? seriously, cause i'm currently technically unemployed except for some of my online endeavors :)

Thanks guys, and stay tuned, i created the page to better facilitate YOU in demonstrating to people who ARENT techs' just how FUCKED UP some of the people you deal with are...

(feel free to link to the site and all that jazz)
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